Stephanie Carter Campbell

A proud daughter of the American South, Stephanie Carter Campbell is best known for providing today's fashion-conscious woman a collection to both complement and embolden her individual sense of style. With a unique ability to not only find inspiration in the world around her, Stephanie connects with the space in between where emotion lives and translates those feelings into bold, feminine and authentic fashion that is the essence of her signature style and Southern roots. 

Born and raised in Brundidge, Alabama, Stephanie Carter began tinkering and embellishing her outfits at an early age. This early fascination with fashion eventually led her to the beaches of the Florida panhandle where she opened her first fashion retail store, DejaVu. An immediate success, Stephanie opened additional stores that continue to flourish to this day, garnering legions of loyal customers throughout the world.

In 2010, with her retail company thriving, Stephanie recommitted herself to her design roots and launched her now iconic fashion line, Judith March. Found in more than 850 fashion boutiques throughout North America, Judith March has become synonymous with easy-to-wear pieces that embody Stephanie's passion, personal style and sensibilities.

With the burgeoning success of Judith March and DejaVu, as well as the impending launch of several new fashion ventures, Stephanie founded the Southern Fashion House to govern all of her companies under one roof. Fortified with a talented and dedicated team, Stephanie Carter is free to entertain her whims and implement her designs and ideas across all platforms.